Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Tape: Yours Truly 2 - J. Cole

Yesterday, I dropped J. Cole's latest track, Cold Summer. Now, I introduce to you, J. Cole's new mixtape, Yours Truly 2. If your a true fan then, you will appreciate this project. What I love about J. Cole is that he stays true to himself. Giving you consious lyrics over mello, dope beats. This is the time that I would give you my bangers but, every track flows consistently and J. Cole is delivering every time.

Download this mixtape FREE ON THIS LINK (click the button marked "Create Download Link" click the link and download)


New, New: J. Cole - Cold Summer

Hip Hop at its best. Thanks J.Cole...



Videodrome: Ready -Fabolous Ft. Chris Brown

Fabolous gives us this fairytale, rags to riches, damsel in distress type video for his latest radio hit, Ready.

P.S. Chis Brown is giving me fashion! Shout out to his stylist Ugo Mozie. 


New, New: Raven Sorvino -I Been On

Hailing from L.A., (Lamiert Park to be exact) Raven Sorvino oozes the streets of her hometown with hard flows over smooth beats. She is the new definition of the "pitbull in a skirt." A breath of fresh air  for the women in Hip Hop.

Check out her new single, I Been On off her upcoming, Trouble  In Paradise EP.


Monday, April 22, 2013

New Release: Will Power -Will.i.am

If you are into the techno upheaval and hyped house beats then this is the album for you. Will.i.am's Will Power makes me feel like I'm at a rave club in Vegas, high on E. Although, the beats are great, don't expect any dope lyrical content from Will.i.am...ever. Filled with trans beats and electro sounds, this album is sure to have you fist pumping in the most unfamiliar places.

Track 3: This is Love Ft. Eva Simmons
Track 4: Scream & Shout Ft. Britney Spears
Track 5: Let's Go Ft. Chris Brown
Track 6: Gettin Dumb Ft. apl.de.ap (Best Track)
Track 7: Geekin'
Track 9: #thatPower Ft. Justin Bieber
Track 13: Love Bullets Ft. Skylar Grey

Download this album for FREE on this link. (Click on the button entitled, "Create Download Link")


Livemixtapes Downloads...here's the key...

I know it has been hard trying to download the links from Livemixtapes but, don't fret. I have made an account just for you (awwww.)

User name: noplayground
Password: noplay1

I will post the link with anything Livemixtapes related.

There you go!


New, New Q.U.E.E.N.- Janelle Monáe Ft. Erykah Badu

Words can't describe...just listen...

This track gives me everything I NEED!!! What do you think?!


New, New: Body Party -Ciara (Video)

Ciara is serving sexy in this sultry video with her beau Future. This ATL house party, has a lot of cameos from well known Atlanta artist like: Trinidad Jame$, Ludacris, Jazzy Pha and more.

Check it out...


Under The Influence Tour

I have to say, this has got to be one the best summer for tours. This week Wiz Khalifa's Under the Influence  tour was announced with Wiz and A$AP Rocky headlining. The roster is an interesting mix, artist and cities the same. Other artist that are set to perform are: B.O.B., Trinidad Jame$, Joey BadAss and ProEra. This mix kinda gives me hyped and 90s at the same time, if your familiar with the artist.

Look for this tour in a city near you!

P.S. There will be a few appearances from some Taylor Gang artist like: Chevy Woods, Berner, Smoke DZA.

...and if your not familiar with these artist, I have their most recent mixtape for FREE DOWNLOAD after the jump... (No Wiz, no A$AP albums)

New Tracks: Funk Flex-Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?

Last week, I dropped two songs from Funk Flex 50+ track mixtape from, 2 Chainz and Schoolboy Q. Now, it is available to you in full. This mixtape reminds me of the mixtapes sold back in the day that the bootleggers made. You could ride to that tape all day. Funk really put the essence back in mixtapes with this one. A couple of videos should be in order from this project.

Now, I would name the bangers off this project but, due to the massive number of tracks on this, I rather not. You be the judge of what are the bangers and ...the hangers.

FREE DOWNLOAD is available from this link.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Kid M.A.D.D. City Tour

Beast mode describes the mentality Kendrick Lamar is on with this international tour. K.Dot is spreading his talents to all big venues possible, all festivals and most arenas across the globe and he's doing this after a 30+ verge campus tour. Wow! This would make for a great documentary. I hope one is in the making.

Be sure to check out the tour dates to what city near you he's crushing... after the jump...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wiz & Curren$y "Live In Concert" EP

Fresh off the press is that new Wiz and Curren$y "Live In Concert" EP. I haven't even listened yet but, I promised I would have it first for you listening ears. It's available for FREE DOWNLOAD on this link. (Click the the button that says ,"Create Download Link" on the page.)

Tell me what you think?! Is it up to your 4/20 standards? Or is it all hype?!

Happy 4/20 Taylor's & Jets 🍃💨


"Live In Concert" Preveiw 1 Wiz & Curren$y

The other night on Ustream, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y announced that they were dropping their long overdue Live In Concert mixtape on 4/20, which is "national smoker's day." The anticipation is astounding! Everybody is waiting for this How Fly mixtape follow-up.

Here is a sneak peek. Part one of the making of Live In Concert...

Make sure you keep you eyes open for the release of the Live In Concert mixtape. It will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD right here on Nocturnal Playground.

...and if you haven't heard the How Fly mixtape, here's the link for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Enjoy. Taylors & Jets...

New Tracks: ScHoolboy Q - Hit Em' Up

Another track from the Funk Flex mixtape. S/o to Shake @ 2 Dope Boyz!

Tell me what you think?! Schoolboy ripped that shx!!!...in my opinion



Logic. Tim Westwood Freestyle

If your not familiar with Logic then, now is a great time to get acquainted. Logic is a DMV rapper that hails from Gaithisberg, MD. He is signed with Def Jam and is three mixtapes in the game. His latest mixtape, Young Sinatra Undeniable  is a mixture of smooth flows and hard lyrics. Now, listed as one of  XXL's top 10 freshman, he has been "dubbed" as one of raps best.

If you need validation, check out this Tim Westwood exclusive freestyle from Logic rapping over, The Recipe.


Check out Logic's latest mixtape FREE for DOWNLOAD just click on the title above.


New Track: Y'all Ain't -2 Chainz Ft. Cap. 1

New track off Funk Flex new mixtape. S/o to 2 Dope Boyz for the no tags version.

Tell me what you think?! It's a banger to me.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Open Book: Jay Z Cover Time's Mag 100 Most Influential

Jay Z is covering one out of seven covers for Time's "100 Most Influential People In the World" issues. The features written by NY mayor, Micheal Bloomberg can be read at Time's website.

Good look Jigga! Will this be the year of the Carter's?!


B!+(h Don't Kill My Vibe Behind the Scene Pics


For all you K.Dot fans out there. Yes. The next video to drop from the Good Kid M.A.D.D. City project is... (drum roll)... B!+(h Don't Kill My Vibe and he is bringing out some familiar faces for the video.

                                                                         Mike Epps

                                                                               Juicy J

Can't wait for the video to drop. Nocturnal Playground will have it here when it drops! be sure to check it out!


Little Known Mixtape Tracks: Mar & The Internet - seeing purplre ladies naked

Sometimes chopped and screwed tracks can be annoying and very tiresome to listen to. DJ Mr. Rodgers, a Houston Texas based DJ that has hosted mixtapes for some of Houston biggest artist like, Slim Thug and LES, is giving you a slowed up Neo Soul type groove with his wind down tracks entitled, Mar & The Internet - seeing purple ladies naked. If your not into the whole chopped and screwed tracks then, this project may be a consideration to the ears. This is one of those mixtapes that you can just close your eyes and just...escape.

I would usually have a track list of "the bangers" but, the flow is so great that I don't think there is a track worth skipping.

Here is a snippet of one of the tracks off the mixtape entitled, Her Past...

Just click the name to link a FREE DOWNLOAD of the mixtape.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Big Sean, Family.

"Blood makes your related but, loyalty makes you family." -Big Sean

Thank you Big Sean for showing us real feelings from an entertainer's point of view. Great story.

 This goes out to all my friends who have been down with me since day one. I love y'all...

New release: Indicudi

An instrumental sound space is one way to describe Kid Cudi's new album Indicud which was released yesterday.This is the first album solely under his Wicked Awesome label. Cudi is staying true to his intricate indie sound. After listening to this album multiple times, I can truly say this a good project because I haven't skipped a track yet. Now for all you G.O.O.D. Music riders, the first 100,000 copies of Indicud will have the G.O.O.D. Music stamp on it because, Cudi did leave the label still under contract but the re-release will not have the label's stamp on it. If you are into album art, like myself, then you will appreciate all of the Kanye-esque art work. Enough about that, lets get into the bangers of the CD...

Track 1: Resurrection of Scott Mesc (Intro)
Track 2: Unfuckwittable
Track 3: Just What I Am
Track 6: Immortal
Track 8: Girls (HOT SHX!!!!)
Track 10: Red Eye
Track 16: Cold Blooded
Track 17: Afterwards (HOT SHX!!!!)

I would give you the feature collabs but they are very surprising beside the few from King Chip. Indicud is available for download. Just click on the album title at the top.