Sunday, June 16, 2013

Early Release: Kanye West -Yeezus

I wasn't going even review this album because I wasn't sure about the dark turn Kanye has taken but, I had to remember, Kanye reinvents. Not saying that I'm fully into his turn but, I do appreciate the art of this CD.

Switching form the tone from the last album, Kanye this took a much dark approach. Focusing on issues of socialism, his inner demons (nothing new), race and the New World Order. Electro beats and powerful yet witty lyrics fuel this CD.

This is not Kanye's best works but they are sure to please. Even though this is a good album, it could have been so much more. I felt like it was missing something.

Great CD Yeezy but I did enjoy J. Coles more. In my opinion.

Best Tracks:
Track 1: On Sight
Track 2: Black Skinheads
Track 5: New Slaves
Track 6: I'm In It
Track 7: Blood On The Leaves

Download album here. (Create download link)


Early Release: J. Cole -Born Sinner

I wanted to just put up this post when I got the drop a couple of days ago but, this is one project I wanted to listen to thoroughly. 

J. Cole has to be one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now. His music is notice but, he as an artist goes under the radar. If you don't have respect for J. Cole then, this album is sure to defer your mind. 

Writing this has me emotional because I truly love hip-hop and when I hear great albums, it makes me appreciate the art even more. When people put their all into something, you feel their hunger through whatever it is they do. J. Cole is very much still hungry. The music speaks for it.

The production, cohesiveness and the lyrical content is just superb. All bangers on this album.

Thanks J.Cole for this piece of history.

Download album here. (Create download link)


Mixtape: Sir Michael Rocks -While You Wait

Sir Michael Rocks, one half of the Cool Kids has dropped another mixtape entitled, While You Wait. Mikey Rocks last mixtape was surprisingly good and this mixtape is even better.

Since the depart of his Cool Kid counterpart, Chuck English, Mikey has been holding the duo down with his relevance and even though it was Chucks beats that provided the fuel for their verses, Mikey has been outsourcing for production. I must say, he has done a good job in doing so.  Touching out to some of the new leader of the game like Cardo, Polyester, The Freshman and Larry Fisherman (AkA Mac Miller).

I love that Mikey took the initiative to go out on his own but, I hope that Cool Kids reunion is around the corner.

Track 3: T-Shirt, No Panties
Track 4: Madness
Track 7: In A Minute
Track 10: The Lobby

Download mixtape here.


Mixtape: The-Dream -Climax

A couple weeks after the release of his VI Play album, The Dream dropped a mixtape entitled Climax. 

A nice tracklist with  four songs. I think this may have have been unreleased tracks from the album.

Overall, the mixtape is ok I give it a 4.5 out of 10.

Fave Track
Track 2: ROC

Download mixtape here.


Mixtape: Gunplay -Acquitted

If you love that gutta, hood, trap rap then Gunplay's new mixtape, will get your adrenalin going.
Gunplay is the rapper for the trenches, the streets. This mixtape is filled with hardcore lyrics and hard beats that will get you going. Its one of those mixtapes that'll have you going hard in the gym.

Overall this is a good mixtape. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Best tracks: 
Track 8: Topside
Track 9 : Pyrex

Download this mixtape here . No login required.


Mixtape: Iamsu! -KILT II

Cali Bay Area native Iamsu! released his new mixtape this week entitled KILT II. 

I always heard collaboration tracks from this guy but, never heard any of his mixtapes. Not really impressed. I just couldn't connect. It seems is if he couldn't connect with his music. I felt like he was just rapping on the beat and not in tune with his music. Production wise it was great and he made most of his beat for this project. I love the horns from Terrance Martin on some of the tracks. 

Iamsu! would be a great artist if he could just connect with his music. Great producer but, not a great rapper.

Just my opinion but, take a listen for yourself.

Fave Tracks
Track 3: Hold It Down
Track 9: Float
Track 16: Best Thing Yet
Track 17: 100 Grand (Remix)

Download this mixtape here. (no login required)


Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 18...Who Got It?

June 18th is a big day in Hip-Hop due to a few releases that people have been patiently waiting for. Who will reign supreme?

Will it be...
Left to right:
J. Cole -Born Sinner
Mac Miller -Watching Movies With The Sound Off
Statik Skeltah -Extended Play

Or (drum roll please)
Kanye West -Yeezus

We shall see...

Keep it tuned in to Nocturnal Playground because we will have all albums for your earful needs.


Cover Art, Tracklist and New Track For J. Cole's Born Sinner

J. Cole will drop his Born Sinner album on June 18th and until then, he is keeping you thirsty with this tracklist. It consist of some heaven hitters in the game and a few bonus tracks for all you who don't want the album to end.

He also released another song off the album featuring the one and only Kendrick Lamar entitled Forbidden Fruit. Take a gander...

Tracklist after the jump...

New Track: The Exchange -NickelusF

If haven't heard of NickelusF, get to know him through this track. More coming up on this artist soon. He's been bringing that heat!


Caught Slippin': Swangin' -Stalley Ft. Scarface

This track was released a couple a months ago and I can believe it slipped under radar. Instant love when I heard this track come in with screwed up mix sampling Mint Condition's Swangin'. I've always had personal love of how Houston flips a track and make it their own ballad. Stalley, I appreciate you for paying homage to the candy swinger and the syrup sippers with this track. Great song. One of my summer favorites!


New Track: #TwerkIt (rmx) -Busta Rhymes Ft. Nicki Minaj

If you've heard the original track then I would much oblige that this track with Nicki is better. (Can't believe I'm saying this.) Check out this track...


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Videodrome: Shots Fired -Tank Ft. Chris Brown

Tank finally released a new video for this banger called Shots Fired. Not to in love with the video but  Chis Brown is dancing his azz off!