Sunday, June 16, 2013

Early Release: Kanye West -Yeezus

I wasn't going even review this album because I wasn't sure about the dark turn Kanye has taken but, I had to remember, Kanye reinvents. Not saying that I'm fully into his turn but, I do appreciate the art of this CD.

Switching form the tone from the last album, Kanye this took a much dark approach. Focusing on issues of socialism, his inner demons (nothing new), race and the New World Order. Electro beats and powerful yet witty lyrics fuel this CD.

This is not Kanye's best works but they are sure to please. Even though this is a good album, it could have been so much more. I felt like it was missing something.

Great CD Yeezy but I did enjoy J. Coles more. In my opinion.

Best Tracks:
Track 1: On Sight
Track 2: Black Skinheads
Track 5: New Slaves
Track 6: I'm In It
Track 7: Blood On The Leaves

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