Monday, September 16, 2013

Drake - Nothing Was The Same

As much salt they throw on Drake, you can't deny the fact that is a great artist and his fourth album entitled, Nothing Was The Same, is sure to please your ears with melodic rhymes and harmonic singing. 

At first, I was taken back by his choice for the intro. His prior albums always started off real mellow and then he went to the more hard toward the middle but, on my second listen, I learned to appreciate it. I felt like he needed to do this because a lot of people have been coming for Drake's neck and felt like this was like his redemption song. 

The album overall had a great flow. I love that he kept it true to his ending interludes they remind me of The Dream's album. It makes you appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that is put into production. The only downfall is that I felt like his lyrics were a little mediocre on some of his song. I felt like on Take Care, there was a balance of great lyrics and drake holding his tune but, nevertheless, those tracks were saved by the production. 

Speaking of the production; it was great. Of course you know Noah "40" Shebib is Drake's right hand man when it comes to his sound. It's like Missy with no Timberland, Mariah with no Jermaine Dupri. It just wouldn't be right. Drake collab with other "super" producers such as Boi-1da, T-Minus, Mike Zombie, Hudson Mohawke, The Dream and Mike WiLL Made It; to name a few. 

This is another good album by Drizzy. I see this banging for the rest of this year.

Favorite tracks: 
Track 11- 305 To My City Ft. Detail
Track 12 - Too Much 
Track 16 - All Me Ft. 2 Chainz and Big Sean

Least Fave:
Track 1: Tuscany Leather 

This direct link to the album will be open for only four hours so...HURRY UP AND DOWNLOAD!

Download here


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Early Release: Kanye West -Yeezus

I wasn't going even review this album because I wasn't sure about the dark turn Kanye has taken but, I had to remember, Kanye reinvents. Not saying that I'm fully into his turn but, I do appreciate the art of this CD.

Switching form the tone from the last album, Kanye this took a much dark approach. Focusing on issues of socialism, his inner demons (nothing new), race and the New World Order. Electro beats and powerful yet witty lyrics fuel this CD.

This is not Kanye's best works but they are sure to please. Even though this is a good album, it could have been so much more. I felt like it was missing something.

Great CD Yeezy but I did enjoy J. Coles more. In my opinion.

Best Tracks:
Track 1: On Sight
Track 2: Black Skinheads
Track 5: New Slaves
Track 6: I'm In It
Track 7: Blood On The Leaves

Download album here. (Create download link)


Early Release: J. Cole -Born Sinner

I wanted to just put up this post when I got the drop a couple of days ago but, this is one project I wanted to listen to thoroughly. 

J. Cole has to be one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now. His music is notice but, he as an artist goes under the radar. If you don't have respect for J. Cole then, this album is sure to defer your mind. 

Writing this has me emotional because I truly love hip-hop and when I hear great albums, it makes me appreciate the art even more. When people put their all into something, you feel their hunger through whatever it is they do. J. Cole is very much still hungry. The music speaks for it.

The production, cohesiveness and the lyrical content is just superb. All bangers on this album.

Thanks J.Cole for this piece of history.

Download album here. (Create download link)


Mixtape: Sir Michael Rocks -While You Wait

Sir Michael Rocks, one half of the Cool Kids has dropped another mixtape entitled, While You Wait. Mikey Rocks last mixtape was surprisingly good and this mixtape is even better.

Since the depart of his Cool Kid counterpart, Chuck English, Mikey has been holding the duo down with his relevance and even though it was Chucks beats that provided the fuel for their verses, Mikey has been outsourcing for production. I must say, he has done a good job in doing so.  Touching out to some of the new leader of the game like Cardo, Polyester, The Freshman and Larry Fisherman (AkA Mac Miller).

I love that Mikey took the initiative to go out on his own but, I hope that Cool Kids reunion is around the corner.

Track 3: T-Shirt, No Panties
Track 4: Madness
Track 7: In A Minute
Track 10: The Lobby

Download mixtape here.


Mixtape: The-Dream -Climax

A couple weeks after the release of his VI Play album, The Dream dropped a mixtape entitled Climax. 

A nice tracklist with  four songs. I think this may have have been unreleased tracks from the album.

Overall, the mixtape is ok I give it a 4.5 out of 10.

Fave Track
Track 2: ROC

Download mixtape here.


Mixtape: Gunplay -Acquitted

If you love that gutta, hood, trap rap then Gunplay's new mixtape, will get your adrenalin going.
Gunplay is the rapper for the trenches, the streets. This mixtape is filled with hardcore lyrics and hard beats that will get you going. Its one of those mixtapes that'll have you going hard in the gym.

Overall this is a good mixtape. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Best tracks: 
Track 8: Topside
Track 9 : Pyrex

Download this mixtape here . No login required.


Mixtape: Iamsu! -KILT II

Cali Bay Area native Iamsu! released his new mixtape this week entitled KILT II. 

I always heard collaboration tracks from this guy but, never heard any of his mixtapes. Not really impressed. I just couldn't connect. It seems is if he couldn't connect with his music. I felt like he was just rapping on the beat and not in tune with his music. Production wise it was great and he made most of his beat for this project. I love the horns from Terrance Martin on some of the tracks. 

Iamsu! would be a great artist if he could just connect with his music. Great producer but, not a great rapper.

Just my opinion but, take a listen for yourself.

Fave Tracks
Track 3: Hold It Down
Track 9: Float
Track 16: Best Thing Yet
Track 17: 100 Grand (Remix)

Download this mixtape here. (no login required)


Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 18...Who Got It?

June 18th is a big day in Hip-Hop due to a few releases that people have been patiently waiting for. Who will reign supreme?

Will it be...
Left to right:
J. Cole -Born Sinner
Mac Miller -Watching Movies With The Sound Off
Statik Skeltah -Extended Play

Or (drum roll please)
Kanye West -Yeezus

We shall see...

Keep it tuned in to Nocturnal Playground because we will have all albums for your earful needs.


Cover Art, Tracklist and New Track For J. Cole's Born Sinner

J. Cole will drop his Born Sinner album on June 18th and until then, he is keeping you thirsty with this tracklist. It consist of some heaven hitters in the game and a few bonus tracks for all you who don't want the album to end.

He also released another song off the album featuring the one and only Kendrick Lamar entitled Forbidden Fruit. Take a gander...

Tracklist after the jump...

New Track: The Exchange -NickelusF

If haven't heard of NickelusF, get to know him through this track. More coming up on this artist soon. He's been bringing that heat!


Caught Slippin': Swangin' -Stalley Ft. Scarface

This track was released a couple a months ago and I can believe it slipped under radar. Instant love when I heard this track come in with screwed up mix sampling Mint Condition's Swangin'. I've always had personal love of how Houston flips a track and make it their own ballad. Stalley, I appreciate you for paying homage to the candy swinger and the syrup sippers with this track. Great song. One of my summer favorites!


New Track: #TwerkIt (rmx) -Busta Rhymes Ft. Nicki Minaj

If you've heard the original track then I would much oblige that this track with Nicki is better. (Can't believe I'm saying this.) Check out this track...


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Videodrome: Shots Fired -Tank Ft. Chris Brown

Tank finally released a new video for this banger called Shots Fired. Not to in love with the video but  Chis Brown is dancing his azz off!


Friday, May 31, 2013

New,New: Gucci Mane -Trap House III

Gucci Mane released a new mixtape this week entitled, Trap House III, the third installment of the Trap House saga.

Gucci redeems himself with project. The past couple of mixtapes have been mediocre and not even worth downloading. The last one worth downloading was Jewlery Selection.

I'm dubbing this a Gucci classic. The production is good, very cohesive and Gucci lyrical content is what you would expect from him. If your not into Gucci, this mixtape may be very easy to adapt to. 

If you in the trap, in the trenches then, this is that shx make the time fly by and make the money flip quick. (Not condoning drug dealers but, I'm just saying...)

Furthermore, everything is banging on this! 

Download the mixtape on this link. (Click the "create a download" link. Click link and download)

P.S. Unlike your other Gucci mixtapes, this one is only on iTunes...but THIS ONE IS FREE!


New, New: Gangsta Boo -It's Game Involved

Let me first say, I didn't know what to expect from Gangsta Boo because she's been out the game for a minute. 

A big round of applause goes out to Gangsta Boo for making a really good project. She released her mixtape entitled ... this week.

She hasn't missed a beat. She still kicking that good old Memphis Ten flow with dope lyrical content. With beats from Dramma Boy, Spaceghost Purp and a few others make for a cohesive project.

Thanks Boo for keeping it real.

Every track on here is banging! So, there's no need for a list...but there is one track I don't fuck with because its on that sinister shx and that's... Track 6: God of Black...that's that shx I don't like.

Overall, check out this mixtape.

Download the mixtape on this link. (Noplayground livemixtape account. See previous post for login.)


New, New: Ludacris IDGAF Mixtape

Ludacris has made a vengeance with a new mixtape entitled IDGAF and to be honest, it wasn't a good comeback in my opinion.

I feel the older you get, the better you get but, Luda has taken the Benjamin Button approach. Old Luda, Chicken and Beer and everything before was fire! From content to lyrics. This project I disagree.

I think he is trying to make strip club hits like everybody else. If that the approach he's trying to take then it should have been a instrumental because the lyrics weren't even up to par. I could on and on but...

Luda, we gotta do better.

Here are the somewhat "bangers":
Track 3: Raised In The South (Love Jeezy's verse)
Track 5: 9 Times Out Of 10
Track 6: Speak Into The Mic
Track 8: IDGAF

Download mixtape at this link. Use the Nocturnal Playground log in:

Username: Noplayground
Password: Noplay1



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Album: The- Dream's IV Play

The anticipation is over. The-Dream has brought out a new album entitled, IV Play

Overall this album is ok. Yeah, just ok. Listening to this album didn't make me excited like the past Dream projects.  It seems as if he lost his creativity that makes his albums great. I felt as if this project was rushed and just put out to fulfill a contract agreement

Things that were different:
  • Those great smooth transitions from one song to another
  • Production was not at its best
  • Mediocre features
Now, to the bangers:
Track 1: High Art Ft. Jay Z
Track 2: IV Play
Track 6: Where Have You Been Ft. Kelly Rowland
Track 9: Love You Crazy
Track 11: Self-Conscious 

Remember, these are just my thoughts. You be the judge. Is it hot or not?

This album is available for download on this link. (Click the Create Download Link and download the link)


New, New: Ciara -I'm Out Ft. Nicki Manaj

New track from Ciara's up-and-coming album dropping July 9th.

Bullshx: Paris Hilton signed to YMCMB?

I guess Paris Hilton has found a new home with Lil Wayne and his counterparts that make up Cash Money Records.

Hilton broke the news to Showbiz 411, adding that she hopes to have her follow-up to 2006′s self-titled debut out by summer. She added it will feature a number of hip-hop acts, including Weezy, and production from EDM superstar Afrojack. “This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris told the site. “It’s really going to be house music.” – MTV

Now this what you call baby back bullshx. YMCMB is just spiraling into a pop empire. Not a good look.


P.S. Thanks to 2DopeBoyz for the story

Kendrick Lamar & TDE's good kid M.A.A.D. Tour Promo Video

The Black Hippies have kicked off their nationwide tour today and they are letting their fans know what to expect. Keep watching for a little surprise freestyle as well.


3000 Tracks

I know, I know, we are all waiting on an Outkast reunion or 3 stacks to release an album. Even though it seems far fetched right now, the point is we are hoping and wishing that it happens. Until then, I have a spectacular Andre 3000 mix for your soul. This is one of the best I've come across so far.

Download this mixtape on this livemixtape link.

Username: noplayground
Password: nolay1


Videodrome: Sean Kingston Freestyling

While doing one of my random YouTube searches, I ran across this video of Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston rapping. Weird as this may sound, it was an interesting video because I never knew Sean Kingston was capable of rapping. He has a really nice flow and a bit lyrical. Not to mention, he's way decent then Soulja Boy will ever be. Shout out to Soulja on the beat though. That is one thing he is good at.

Check it out... (Skip to 0:56 to start at Sean Kingston)


Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Art Work and Release Date for Kanye's Album

This is the official album cover for Kanye's new studios album entitled, Yeezus. It drops June 18th.


New,New: The Dream -High Art Ft. Jay Z

The Dream has dropped a banger with Jigga man entitled High Art. Is it just me or has Jay Z been crushing the game with these new tracks he has been on? Check it out...


Videodrome: Kanye West -New Slaves

Kanye West just released a new powerful track called New Slaves. He premiered his video in 66 different countries on random buildings around the globe. Kanye is my boy but, it seems like he is battling with some inner demons. These new tracks are so dark that it bothers me.

Great and powerful message though...check it out...


BET Awards Nominees

The 2013 BET Awards will take place in Los Angeles on June 30th at the Staples Center and this years host will be Chris Tucker. Last week, the nominees were announced by Chris Brown and I must say that the nominees are looking kind of promising for some artist.

...and the nominees are...after the jump...

Videodrome: Kendrick Lamar - Don't Kill My Vibe (Video)

I love the contradiction in this video. We are living in a world of sin but, the world's sins are the cause of it. Great job Kendrick...


New,New: French Montana's Excuse My French

Finally, French Montana releases his ? album entitled, Excuse My French. While listen to this project, I was just sitting back thinking that I've been rocking with this dude for a while now, every since the Cocaine City DVDs . It's just good to see him come up.

The album is what I expected to be. French always stays true to himself. Expected the ode to Max B (Free that nigga!), the drug infused lyrics, laid back flow and his famous ad-libs (HANNN, JU HEARD and WAVY). Production wise, this was a great project! With production from Rico Love, DJ Khaled, Lex Luga, Young Chop, Mike Will Made It and a few other up-and-coming producers, it created a cohesive album.

Even though this whole album was a banger, there are a few track that just had me on ten! They are:

Track 3: Ain't Worried About Nothing
Track 6: Fuck What Happens Tonight Ft. Dj Khaled, Movado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg, Scarface
Track 13: Bust It Open
Track 16: Marble Floors Ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz

Download this album FOR FREE on this link.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Videodrome: Work (Remix) - A$AP Ferg, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky

Ferg has dropped the video to the remix of Work and he is sharing this track with some of the new heavy hitters in the game. Check it out...

Shoutout to Schoolboy Q for that dope azz verse!

Artist To Know: Flying Loutus

He makes me escape into a melodic paradox filled with sounds unimaginable that would be impossible to filter into a beat. I would pay top dollar to see what goes on in his head.

Grandson of Thelonius Monk, you could say that Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) got his music talents honestly. Hailing  from LA, Lotus always has been know for his intricate and eccentric style of music but, it wasn't until recently that mainstream took a notice. Teaming up with people such as Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller. His fourth studio album entitled Until The Quiet Comes will sure to take you on a musical journey. 

Check out this artistic short film visual for his album. Ladies and gentleman enjoy...Until The Quiet Comes a short film by Eahil Joseph.

Download Flying Lotus latest album after the jump...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Videodrome: Bonic Ft. Dom Kennedy - Cheerios

The OPM crew has put out visuals for Bonic's track Cheerios. In my opinion, dope beat. I didn't care for Bonic's verse but his flow rode the beat and Dom kills it every time! Dope verse. Check it out...


Videodrome: Young Roddy -This One

Curren$y's protege and Jet Life artist, Young Roddy has brought new visuals to his track This One off the Goodsense 2 mixtape.

If you haven't heard this dude by now, get acquainted. Download Goodsense 2 after the jump...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New, New: Hustle Gang Presents G.D.O.D.

T.I.'s Hustle Gang squad is coming for the competition in this new compilation album entitled, G.D.O.D. This teaser had me excited to see what's to come from the squad.

Shout out to Doe B on the compilation hailing from Montgomery, Al. GUMP STAND UP!!!

Mixtape available for free download after the jump...

Videodrome: | Kay Cole

J. Cole's first installment of the Born Sinner series highlights his mother, Kay Cole as she reflects when J. Cole retired her from her job at the United States Postal Service.

There will be an installment every week leading up to J. Coles album release of Born Sinner on June 26.

Next week's installment will feature Kendrick Lamar. 


New, New: Lee Bannon - Rellahmatic

This errie track takes your mind through dark demensions of sounds with a grounding tempo that will make your inhibitions go wild. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to Lee Bannon in Rellahmatic.

Volume should be on max.

Enjoy. I did.

New Tape: Logic- Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever

Last month, I introduced you to the Def Jam signee from the DMV, Logic. He's releasing his new mixtape with some old and new heavy hitters in the industry. Check the track record below for the features and FREE DOWNLOAD of the mixtape after the jump...

New, New: Kanye Snippets

Last night, Kanye closed out Met Costume Gala, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, with new music from his anticipated album produced by his new protege Hudson Mohawk. 

Because the Met Gala is a super private event, we can only provide brief snippets on Ye's new music. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Thanks to Vine for the snippets.

More music after the jump...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Videodrome: Birdman - Tapout ft. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine & Future (Official Video)


New Tape: Scotty - F.A.I.T.H.

That real dirty south is the definition of Scotty. Reppin ATL, he stays true to his roots. He reminds me Goody Mobb mixed with old T.I and Big KRIT. This project gives me a dirty swang Texas feel with ATL a twang slathered amongst it. If you want something to bend a couple of corners to then, this is the tape for you.

Man... This may be one of the best mixtapes of this year (Yeah, I said it). The rapping is great, transitions great, everything flows greatly. All bangers, no whammys.

Download this mixtape on this link. (Hit "Create download link". Hit link and download.


New Tape: Chance The Rapper - Acidrap

If he titles this album AdicRap because of his voice over the beat then, I oblige.  Im od'd. Chance The Rapper reminds me of a cross of Trans Lee, Flatbush Zombies and Wyclef. That is enough to take you on a journey itself. This is my first encounter of Chance The Rapper and I must say, I am impressed. With beats from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Two-9 affiliates, the tracks make for a good listening.

Now, for the bangers:
Track 1: Good Azz Intro
Track 2: Pusha Man (Hot Shx!) 
Track 3: Cocoa Butter Kisses
Track 5: Lost
Track 8: Favorite Song (Hot Shx!) 
Track 12: Chain Smoker (Hot Shx!)
Track 13: Everything's Good (Hidden Track Hot Shx!)

Free download of the album on this link (Choose the button marked "Create Download Link". Click link and download)


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Videodrome: Q.U.E.E.N. - Janelle Monáe Ft. Erykah Badu

What's black and white with a red lip? Janelle Monáe and that's what is serving you in this video with very short fashionable cameo from Badu.

P.S. The video is not in the same arrangement as the song.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Tape: Yours Truly 2 - J. Cole

Yesterday, I dropped J. Cole's latest track, Cold Summer. Now, I introduce to you, J. Cole's new mixtape, Yours Truly 2. If your a true fan then, you will appreciate this project. What I love about J. Cole is that he stays true to himself. Giving you consious lyrics over mello, dope beats. This is the time that I would give you my bangers but, every track flows consistently and J. Cole is delivering every time.

Download this mixtape FREE ON THIS LINK (click the button marked "Create Download Link" click the link and download)


New, New: J. Cole - Cold Summer

Hip Hop at its best. Thanks J.Cole...



Videodrome: Ready -Fabolous Ft. Chris Brown

Fabolous gives us this fairytale, rags to riches, damsel in distress type video for his latest radio hit, Ready.

P.S. Chis Brown is giving me fashion! Shout out to his stylist Ugo Mozie. 


New, New: Raven Sorvino -I Been On

Hailing from L.A., (Lamiert Park to be exact) Raven Sorvino oozes the streets of her hometown with hard flows over smooth beats. She is the new definition of the "pitbull in a skirt." A breath of fresh air  for the women in Hip Hop.

Check out her new single, I Been On off her upcoming, Trouble  In Paradise EP.


Monday, April 22, 2013

New Release: Will Power

If you are into the techno upheaval and hyped house beats then this is the album for you.'s Will Power makes me feel like I'm at a rave club in Vegas, high on E. Although, the beats are great, don't expect any dope lyrical content from Filled with trans beats and electro sounds, this album is sure to have you fist pumping in the most unfamiliar places.

Track 3: This is Love Ft. Eva Simmons
Track 4: Scream & Shout Ft. Britney Spears
Track 5: Let's Go Ft. Chris Brown
Track 6: Gettin Dumb Ft. (Best Track)
Track 7: Geekin'
Track 9: #thatPower Ft. Justin Bieber
Track 13: Love Bullets Ft. Skylar Grey

Download this album for FREE on this link. (Click on the button entitled, "Create Download Link")


Livemixtapes's the key...

I know it has been hard trying to download the links from Livemixtapes but, don't fret. I have made an account just for you (awwww.)

User name: noplayground
Password: noplay1

I will post the link with anything Livemixtapes related.

There you go!


New, New Q.U.E.E.N.- Janelle Monáe Ft. Erykah Badu

Words can't describe...just listen...

This track gives me everything I NEED!!! What do you think?!


New, New: Body Party -Ciara (Video)

Ciara is serving sexy in this sultry video with her beau Future. This ATL house party, has a lot of cameos from well known Atlanta artist like: Trinidad Jame$, Ludacris, Jazzy Pha and more.

Check it out...