Sunday, June 16, 2013

Early Release: J. Cole -Born Sinner

I wanted to just put up this post when I got the drop a couple of days ago but, this is one project I wanted to listen to thoroughly. 

J. Cole has to be one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now. His music is notice but, he as an artist goes under the radar. If you don't have respect for J. Cole then, this album is sure to defer your mind. 

Writing this has me emotional because I truly love hip-hop and when I hear great albums, it makes me appreciate the art even more. When people put their all into something, you feel their hunger through whatever it is they do. J. Cole is very much still hungry. The music speaks for it.

The production, cohesiveness and the lyrical content is just superb. All bangers on this album.

Thanks J.Cole for this piece of history.

Download album here. (Create download link)


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