Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mixtape: Iamsu! -KILT II

Cali Bay Area native Iamsu! released his new mixtape this week entitled KILT II. 

I always heard collaboration tracks from this guy but, never heard any of his mixtapes. Not really impressed. I just couldn't connect. It seems is if he couldn't connect with his music. I felt like he was just rapping on the beat and not in tune with his music. Production wise it was great and he made most of his beat for this project. I love the horns from Terrance Martin on some of the tracks. 

Iamsu! would be a great artist if he could just connect with his music. Great producer but, not a great rapper.

Just my opinion but, take a listen for yourself.

Fave Tracks
Track 3: Hold It Down
Track 9: Float
Track 16: Best Thing Yet
Track 17: 100 Grand (Remix)

Download this mixtape here. (no login required)


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