Friday, May 31, 2013

New,New: Gucci Mane -Trap House III

Gucci Mane released a new mixtape this week entitled, Trap House III, the third installment of the Trap House saga.

Gucci redeems himself with project. The past couple of mixtapes have been mediocre and not even worth downloading. The last one worth downloading was Jewlery Selection.

I'm dubbing this a Gucci classic. The production is good, very cohesive and Gucci lyrical content is what you would expect from him. If your not into Gucci, this mixtape may be very easy to adapt to. 

If you in the trap, in the trenches then, this is that shx make the time fly by and make the money flip quick. (Not condoning drug dealers but, I'm just saying...)

Furthermore, everything is banging on this! 

Download the mixtape on this link. (Click the "create a download" link. Click link and download)

P.S. Unlike your other Gucci mixtapes, this one is only on iTunes...but THIS ONE IS FREE!


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