Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Artist To Know: Flying Loutus

He makes me escape into a melodic paradox filled with sounds unimaginable that would be impossible to filter into a beat. I would pay top dollar to see what goes on in his head.

Grandson of Thelonius Monk, you could say that Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) got his music talents honestly. Hailing  from LA, Lotus always has been know for his intricate and eccentric style of music but, it wasn't until recently that mainstream took a notice. Teaming up with people such as Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller. His fourth studio album entitled Until The Quiet Comes will sure to take you on a musical journey. 

Check out this artistic short film visual for his album. Ladies and gentleman enjoy...Until The Quiet Comes a short film by Eahil Joseph.

Download Flying Lotus latest album after the jump...

Download this album on this link. When you download your password to unzip will be


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