Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Album: The- Dream's IV Play

The anticipation is over. The-Dream has brought out a new album entitled, IV Play

Overall this album is ok. Yeah, just ok. Listening to this album didn't make me excited like the past Dream projects.  It seems as if he lost his creativity that makes his albums great. I felt as if this project was rushed and just put out to fulfill a contract agreement

Things that were different:
  • Those great smooth transitions from one song to another
  • Production was not at its best
  • Mediocre features
Now, to the bangers:
Track 1: High Art Ft. Jay Z
Track 2: IV Play
Track 6: Where Have You Been Ft. Kelly Rowland
Track 9: Love You Crazy
Track 11: Self-Conscious 

Remember, these are just my thoughts. You be the judge. Is it hot or not?

This album is available for download on this link. (Click the Create Download Link and download the link)


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