Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Known Mixtape Tracks: Mar & The Internet - seeing purplre ladies naked

Sometimes chopped and screwed tracks can be annoying and very tiresome to listen to. DJ Mr. Rodgers, a Houston Texas based DJ that has hosted mixtapes for some of Houston biggest artist like, Slim Thug and LES, is giving you a slowed up Neo Soul type groove with his wind down tracks entitled, Mar & The Internet - seeing purple ladies naked. If your not into the whole chopped and screwed tracks then, this project may be a consideration to the ears. This is one of those mixtapes that you can just close your eyes and just...escape.

I would usually have a track list of "the bangers" but, the flow is so great that I don't think there is a track worth skipping.

Here is a snippet of one of the tracks off the mixtape entitled, Her Past...

Just click the name to link a FREE DOWNLOAD of the mixtape.


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