Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New release: Indicudi

An instrumental sound space is one way to describe Kid Cudi's new album Indicud which was released yesterday.This is the first album solely under his Wicked Awesome label. Cudi is staying true to his intricate indie sound. After listening to this album multiple times, I can truly say this a good project because I haven't skipped a track yet. Now for all you G.O.O.D. Music riders, the first 100,000 copies of Indicud will have the G.O.O.D. Music stamp on it because, Cudi did leave the label still under contract but the re-release will not have the label's stamp on it. If you are into album art, like myself, then you will appreciate all of the Kanye-esque art work. Enough about that, lets get into the bangers of the CD...

Track 1: Resurrection of Scott Mesc (Intro)
Track 2: Unfuckwittable
Track 3: Just What I Am
Track 6: Immortal
Track 8: Girls (HOT SHX!!!!)
Track 10: Red Eye
Track 16: Cold Blooded
Track 17: Afterwards (HOT SHX!!!!)

I would give you the feature collabs but they are very surprising beside the few from King Chip. Indicud is available for download. Just click on the album title at the top.


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